Talk to your child
Talk to your child
Sing with child
Sing with child
Read to your child
Read to your child
Write with your child
Write with your child
Play with your child
Play with your child
Start reading with your children no matter how young they are.

The Aurora and Hazard libraries want to help you raise a reader.

We bring you ways to talk, sing, read, write and play that lay a foundation for reading success. Visit the library for books, programs and time with other preschoolers and their families.

ECRR is pleased to announce the launch of DaybyDayNY, an early literacy website designed to engage families and very young children in reading, learning and public libraries and an important component of Ready to Read at New York Libraries.

Thank you over the past year for all your support!

We hope to be back very soon but in the meantime your child's development doesn't wait, so please visit the following sites for guidelines and activities to get you child Ready To Read:

ABC Cayuga (many resources and ideas listed here)

Day By Day NY (a day by day activity for you and your preReader)

(our activities are archived at Facebook)

About Us


The Aurora Free Library and the Hazard Library Association offer many services for raising a reader. Our website began with funding from the Bernard Carl and Shirley Rosen Fund of the Community Foundation of Tompkins County.

Our goal is to partner with the families of Cayuga County and assure that every child arrives at school with the foundation for reading success. Five simple practices make this goal a reality.

Our website is designed to allow you to view, listen, learn and then turn off the screen to talk, sing, play, read and write with your child. Success takes only your time and attention. You are your child’s first and best teacher. Like you, our libraries take this role very seriously. Together we raise readers.


  • I had a mother that read to me and it changed everything. I loved the world of books long before I went to school. We want all parents to build this love of story and information found inside the cover of books and in rich family conversations. We want everyone to talk, sing, read, write and play with their child from infancy throughout childhood.

    Elaine Meyers,
    Librarian, Mother and Grandmother

  • I read to my children when they were young and not so young. It is an exclusive time, without distraction. The impact of reading to a child is felt by both the child and the reader.

    Ivan Goloub,
    Parent and Owner of Cardboard-Atlantis


We have gathered a few local ideas for engaging your preschooler.


Aurora Free Library Storytime: Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m.

Twenty minute storytime with books, songs and fingerplays followed by free play time until 10:30 a.m. The library will open at 9:00 a.m.

Visit our Facebook Page to see some of the story hour visitors!


Hazard Library Storytime: Tuesdays at 9:30 am.

All pre-school children AND their caregivers are invited to attend these fun filled times here at Hazard. Every Tuesday that Southern Cayuga Schools are open we have this opportunity to get together and enjoy the wonderful things that can happen in a library. Songs, activities, and of course, stories and books. The library will open at 9:00 a.m.

Visit our Facebook Page to see some of the story hour visitors!
See our Google calendar notes for more details.

talk with each otherread-a-longsing-a-longpractice writing skillsplaying

Parent and Childcare Provider Workshops
Learn the skills needed to raise a reader.

Growing Together Early Childhood Conference - click to download conference assestThe Aurora Library offers workshops for parents, caregivers and childcare providers based on the five practices for raising a reader. The workshops are based on research and give practical ideas for talking, singing, reading, writing and playing. The emphasize the parents role as a child’s first and best teacher and are very interactive.

A sample workshop conducted at the Seanna M. Donley Growing Together Early Childhood Conference, on October 20 is available for preview. For additional information email Elaine Meyers.


TumbleBook Library through Finger Lakes Library System. To use this you will need a Finger Lakes Library System (FLLS) card.

TumbleBooks is an online collection of animated, talking picture books which are created from existing picture books. TumbleBooks also includes a collection of full length, unabridged classics in audio format and a small collection of books in French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

Also available are puzzles, games and quizzes. Create a list of Favorites for easy access or preload a number of TumbleBooks in an online player in order to be played one after another. The entire site can also be viewed in Spanish and French.


Get in touch with us

Elaine Meyers

It takes a village to raise a reader.

Visit the local libraries for books, music, programs and begin a lifetime tradition of learning together.

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Phone: (315) 364-8074
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Hazard Library
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